Monday, November 30, 2009

The Day After

The day after Thanksgiving we generally find ourselves downtown Minneapolis to see the Christmas presentation in the Macy’s (used to be Dayton’s) 8th floor auditorium. Each year it usually changes, however this year, for some reason, was much the same as last year’s. It did not matter for it was the road to Santa’s lap and we had a 2.5 year old with us who had some very important business to conduct with the Jolly Old Elf.November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 042

Here are a few shots of some of the scenes you see as you walk through a maze of assorted delights.

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 043

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 048

Smiling faces and small ones filled with awe are found everywhere.

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 049

Whimsy and wonder are the tone as we are looking at a day in the life of Santa’s Elves preparing for the big day.

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 051

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 053

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 054

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 055

Then finally it is time for some serious matters with the *Big Guy*. Man to man, Santa does understand what is needed…wanted.

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 061

Then the photo op and the deal is sealed!

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 062

This calls for some ‘big’ celebration! Look at the size of those cookies!

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 066

Green frosted nourishment is important while seeing the latest Santa has to offer.

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 069

Then on to the Crystal Court in the IDS tower to enjoy the sights.

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 078

Yes, these are photos of the same child! The sugar rush has set in and we see the switch from angelic to COOKIE MONSTER! ;)

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 079

BUT this is what we were looking up at, Spiderman maybe?It is just a man working on the top windows of the Crystal Court.

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 086

Minneapolis has many skyways to keep folks traversing the city warm in the harsh winter temps,and to just get around easier. The next two shots were taken while crossing through one of those skyways.

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 087

November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 088

Someone was pretty tired. It was only Noon…and we had miles to go.November 2009 Thanksgiving Weekend 089

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  1. I will not let any children in the vicinity see this or they will go bonkers! :)

  2. Awwwww! Next to greyhounds, grandchildren are pretty good, huh?

    That Santa looks curiously immobile, but I'm assuming he was real? LOL!

    Love the skyways!

  3. Jay,
    Oh yes....I love that little grandbaby fiercely! He is the one and only grandchild!

    Santa was the real thing, the living and breathing jolly old elf himself! :) It was early in the day so he was still very pleasant. Not sure how pleasant he was 8 hours and 400+ children later. ;)

    Always great to hear from you Jay!

    Hi there, glad you stopped by. Certainly it all created quite a bit of excitement for children of all ages.

  4. Oh, how fun! Thanks for taking us along and that young man did have a big day, didn't he? Delightful captures, so colorful and filled with the Christmas spirit. So glad all of you had such a great day!

    Start the countdown to the big day!


  5. What a magical day for a 'little fella'.

  6. Utterly amazing! Thanks for sharing the holiday joy!

  7. What a great world for children. The little fellow must have had the best time ever.
    Minneapolis looks like a very nice city.

  8. Looks like a fun time. Great shots of the parade and city and adorable children.

  9. What fun to share with your adorable grandchild! Lovely holiday views.
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Wow - what an amazing place!! Bless your little grandson - he had a lovely time!
    Its so good to see where you live!

  11. Hi Sylvia K,
    thank you! It was a great day had by all. Thank you for visiting and your comments.

    doyle and mollie, Rinkly Rimes, Sandy C.,
    I appreciate your visiting, love your comments. Indeed it was a delightful time in a delightful setting.
    Thank you!

    Hi Jossie,
    It is a great world for all children BIG and small. I do really love Minneapolis it is a great place.

    Hi HR Girl,
    So great to have you here, thank you for your comment. So nice of you...Happy Holidays to you too.

    Hi Carver,
    Actually we didn't stay long enough to see the parade, but it was a fun time and the children are definitely adorable! :) Thank you for your nice comment and for visiting with me!

    Hi Kate,
    I think it is a marvelous place and perhaps you will visit here someday! I always love your visits Kate, and your comments. Thanks so much. Hugs.




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