Friday, November 20, 2009

Reflections of Warmer Days

Weekend Reflections - hounds and Bruce

Ruby, Scooter and Renner mid-summer at Lac Qui Parle State Park…lakeside.

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  1. Cool reflection. They sure are great looking dogs.

  2. What a lovely reflection, I really like your photo.
    The Road to Here

  3. Oh, look at those sweet babies! Were they looking at themselves in that lovely water? I bet about now they are curled up on blankets wishing for the warmer weather again. Love this shot! Kathy

  4. I like the way the reflections appear in the water. Nice looking trio of dogs.

  5. Dreaming a little dream of summer right now!

  6. What I like best is the beautiful dogs in your photo!

    ...Heavenly reflection!

  7. A nice memory.
    Cool reflection :)

  8. Hi all,
    Thanks so much for your thoughts, I really enjoy reading them.

    You know they might have been looking at themselves, but I'n thinking they might have been thinking a little more about drinking the water. However, we carry their water in bottles so they do not get sick when they drink...just in case, you never know. So we wouldn't let them drink out of the lake, but I'm sure they would have if we'd let them.

    Thanks again everyone!

  9. It could be for camera critters as well, the dogs are really lovely!
    I liked a lot their reflections, your picture is awesome!
    Happy weekend reflections
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  10. nice reflections, you can feel the asummer heat in that photo

  11. Nice set of triplets and a great reflection or should I say "great reflection and nice set of triplets?"

  12. Aren't they beautiful? I love to see your greys!

  13. Ah nice shot! Summer seems so far off right about now...




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