Thursday, April 23, 2009

True Colors Thursday – Rust

I give you Rust, which is the color of choice for this week’s True Colors Thursday.

Cat Feet On Rust Rug

cat feet on a rust colored rug

Rust Colored Pipestone At Pipestone National Park

rust rock pipestone

Leaves of Fall – Camden State Park, MN

rust colored leaves of fall

True Rust of an old Railroad bridge spanning high over a trail at Camden State Park, MN.

true rust

Rust Painted Walls

rust walls

A Greyhound With Rust Spots


Rust Colored Greyhound

Rust colored greyhound


  1. Awww...what a cute pic of the Ruby girlie :-)

    I think they are kind of stretching the color thing here...I mean rust? What kind of a color is that :-)

  2. Hi Ophelia99,
    Ruby is all about 'cute', we know that. Rust is not unique in having a 'name' that is dually purposeful, is a color and oxidation. It is the color of oxidation... of certain metals. Er sumthin' like that. ;) See...look at the photos, see how many wonderful things are the color of rust.

  3. Rust-red - yep, I know that one!

    Ruby is just gorgeous. I love her! And I adore that beautiful greyhound picture you have on your rust walls!

    The cat feet on rust rug aren't bad, either!

  4. I have some pics of my old Chevy Malibu that could have qualified...

  5. Jay I figured you could relate to the 'rust colored' greyhound above all others. :) The picture you can see on the wall well, as the room has several greyhound works of art, is one by Louis Icart. We have several of his 'greyhound' works and just love them. Thank you for coming to visit Jay.

    Mr. Nighttime,
    Always happy to hear from you, thank you for visiting. Come to think of it I could have supplied photos of a lime green 1970 Duster that could have fit the bill as well. :) (also known as 'the green slime').




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