Thursday, April 09, 2009

True Colors Thursday – Black and White!

This True Colors Thursday we are in Black and White. I offer up this photo which is 34 years old as a beginning.

A Happy Couple Wed In Black and White.


A Very White Landscape.

Snowy Trees

A Black and White Sign Posted By A Lake.

Black and White Sign

A Black Nose on a White Face. (Scooter)


A White Greyhound Looking Out a Window Into The Black of Night. (Renner)

white dog black window


A Black Greyhound. (Cyber)

White Greyhound in a Black Shadow

A White Greyhound In a Black Shadow. (Renner)

Scooter cropped

Last but not least, a Black and White Greyhound. (Scooter)


  1. Nice selection of B&W especially Scooter!


  2. Hello Blue, Thank you so much for visiting. I was short on time today, as Scooter needed to go to the vet and found when in a hurry, things that were both 'black and white' were not so easy to find...except for Scooter himself. Hopefully Lime will go better!

  3. Is Scooter alright? I hope so!

    Lovely, lovely pictures of greyhounds! I miss having them around so much, I have to get my fix through pictures. Renner is adorable! And Scooter, too, bless his little black nose!

  4. Scooter is Silly, but other than that, he is just fine. Glad you enjoyed the photos, Jay! Renner and Scooter thank you for the compliments.

  5. Lovely photos - the bride and groom look so happy.... and there goes Scooter again pretending to be Hippie only with a tail!!!




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