Wednesday, April 08, 2009

ABC Wednesday - ‘L’

For this ABC Wednesday Let me get the most important three ‘L’s in right off the top and those would be special people in my life Larry, Lucy and Lyle.


This being Larry.


This being Lucy.


This being Lyle.

All people I Love.


The item being aimed at you is a Launcher, which Lyle is also holding and for some reason keeps finding its way into our 4th of July Lunch and celebration each year. It shoots Nerf rockets …usually at unsuspecting people in our party.

One of my favorite ‘L’s occurs during what I consider the best season of the year.

And that is……

Leaves changing color in the Fall.



Both photos above were taken at Savannah Portage in Minnesota.


Leaves on a hike at Nerstrand Big Woods in Minnesota.

Renner layingRenner Lying in the Leaves to rest after the hike at Nerstrand.

One last ‘L’ I would Like to Let you Look at are more Lilies in my garden (the bright orange instead of the scarlet ones this time.)



  1. Hi!
    All your "L"'s are awesome!! Really like those lilies! Beautiful!! Have a great day!!


  2. Sherrie so glad you like today's post! Can't wait to be seeing those Lilies again, in just a little over a month we should see them popping up. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Shouldn't that be "Renner Lying in the Leaves to rest his Long Legs after the hike at Nerstrand."

    Beautiful pictures, and I love to see the greyhounds. I am starved of greyhound company!!

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week. :)

    (I'm here in my official capacity today! LOL!)

  4. Ah, it's so lovely to see these pictures from the Fall, when the leaves were so beautiful...and it was warm.... ;-)

  5. Tumblewords: Thank you! So glad you came by.

    Jay: Awww Shucks,should have thought of that! You are much better at this than I. So glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks Jay!

    Mr. Nighttime: How wonderful that you came to visit! I never get tired of looking Fall leaves. Possibly because here in Minnesota they are so short lived. So glad you enjoyed them as well. Thank you Mr. Nighttime.

  6. What with Larry's dimples and Lucy's smile - you have some Lovely favourite people! The flowers are nice too - I love the vivid colours!

  7. Oh Thank you, Kate. They are my Dad and Mom, I think they are *very* Lovely. Lyle is my son-in-law and though you can't really see his face, he has a great smile as well. So glad you enjoyed the flowers, they should be starting to bloom soon, can't wait to see them popping up, even the humming birds love them. Thank you for stopping by!




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