Wednesday, April 29, 2009 is a website I have that is dedicated to our camping in Minnesota State Parks over the last few years. However, last year’s adventures I just didn’t get around to posting information about, but I will get to that AND try to keep up with this year’s trips as well. Our idea is to camp in every Minnesota State Park that allows camping. I recently changed providers for my site and it is also in dire need of updating (as I explained) but thought I would mention the site here and provide a link as further ‘incentive’ for me to GET IT DONE!


Sistertex welcomes you:

The above is basically how you are greeted upon arrival at the site but other than that, the site is very basic…nothing fancy about it at all.

It was begun as a school project in my HTML classes, so no fancy software tools went into creating the site…as you can probably tell when perusing it. Perhaps someday I will get some fancier design going with it, but for now it serves the purpose. Mostly I’m using it for photographs from the parks we have visited. If you are interested and have a little time, I hope you will have a look.

The name Sistertex is something I am asked about occasionally, so might as well throw that in here too. Sistertex is a name created from combining two of my first Greyhounds’ names (Sister and Tex!) They inspired me greatly (along with my Blaze girl) to become a Retired Racing Greyhound advocate and rescue person. Though they are no longer with us, they will forever live on in my heart (as will all of the many hounds that have passed through my doors.)

By the way…that is Renner giving you his ‘come-hither’ look in the photo.

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