Thursday, April 02, 2009

Scarlet For True Colors Thursday

I will dedicate Scarlet Thursday to a cardinal we have named Hank. This beautiful Scarlet creature flew into my deck door windows and sat stunned in the snow by the steps. It was a harsh minus 30 wind chill and  I feared he would not survive. I kept vigil over him and finally held him in my gloved hands next to me keep him warm until he suddenly flew from my hands into a near by bush. I continued watching over him, keeping predators away, until he flitted off high up into the trees. We like to think Hank still comes back to visit us whenever we see a cardinal at the pond or feeder.

Cardnal in snow


Another beautiful Scarlet I see only in the spring  and early summer are the Day Lilies in our garden.

more scarlet daylilies cropped


However, nothing radiates  serenity like a beautiful Scarlet sunrise.

sunrise cropped


  1. Young birds often get confused by glass, although actually, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

    We've had several fly into our lounge window and drop to the ground, only one didn't survive, a little greenfinch who broke his neck. :( The others got almost straight up and flew away.

    I've had to rescue a robin from my conservatory several times though. He flies in the door, then can't find his way out because it's glass on two sides. I have to wait till he's tired and rests behind my houseplants, then he lets me pick him up and release him. He always sits in my hand a second or two after I open my fingers, and peeks at me as if to say 'Oh. You again. Okay, thanks, bye!' And he's gone.


  2. Hi Jay,
    We have had a few that haven't survived as well, very sad. We have had others fly right off and some that sit for a while, being stunned. If I see them then I watch over them because of the cats, foxes, owls and so on in the area that would prey on them while they are down. It is thanks that they flit off the way they do as if nothing has happened! For me 'Hank' is the first one I've actually held. I was so happy that the could fly off when he did. Thanks Jay!

  3. Lovely post! We have, for the most part, rather quietly coloured birds in NZ. I remember seeing a blue bird in Texas once and I was spell-bound. Your red bird is gorgeous!

  4. Hi Katherine,
    Cardinals are so vivid against the snow and also very vibrant looking with the backdrop of spring. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed this one! Come visit again soon!




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