Thursday, April 30, 2009

True Colors Thursday - Rainbow

Rainbow is the color of choice for this True Colors Thursday. Rainbow, to me, can mean a plethora of colors. They don’t have to be the brightest colors, just a range of colors. So for my first photo for this week’s True Colors I give you:

A Rainbow of Greyhounds! All reporting for their monthly heartworm preventative.


Wrapping paper with a Rainbow of Colors.


A Rainbow of Balls In Motion

Balls in Motion

Rainbow colors of a handmade music box doll.

Rainbow Doll

Last but certainly not least is a True Rainbow during a spring storm.

Rainbow and Spring Storm


  1. Beautiful collection of pictures. Your real rainbow is stunning, your rainbow of balls, so, so cute .. but you can guess which one I love best, can't you?

    Your rainbow of greyhounds! Hands down winner! Give them all a scritchie for me and tell them how good they are for taking their medicine so nicely!

  2. WOW, the rainbow photo is a knockout! I love the combination of the rainbow and the lightning.


  3. Jay, thank you! I always try to get a greyhound photo in there somewhere for you! Glad you came to have a look.

    Hi Kate,
    I love that photo too, a beautiful display of the many facets of Nature. Thank you for stopping by!




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