Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ABC Wednesday - ‘M’

Kicking off ABC Wednesday - ‘M’ is Minnesota, my home state.

The photo below is of the Twin Cities: Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Minnesota Twin Cities

The Mississippi River flows through Minnesota, look at the photo below and this is the Mighty Mississippi River at a not so ‘Mighty’ spot.

Minnesota Mississippi River

But then Minnesota has a lot of waterfalls – the following one is Minnehaha Falls.


And the next one is Minneopa Falls which is actually a double waterfall.


The photos that follow are photos taken while driving from Minnesota to Florida.

The Mountains of Tennessee (please pardon the reflection of the windshield)



Coming back down through the Mountains they feel it necessary to provide Runaway Truck RampsDSC02990

For some reason I found this Motorcyclist’s Jacket fascinating. It declared him an ‘Iron Pig’.


We also saw a Mega-Cross.


And then of course I’d also like to celebrate Monty who is one of my kitties, turning 20 years old this Month!



  1. Happy birthday Monty! Twenty years, wow, you must have given him a good life...

  2. I enjoyed your interesting m stories and pictures.Thanks for sharing. Happy birthday to Monty too.

  3. Loved seeing the Minnesota waters--and amazing age for a cat, isn't it? Nice post!

  4. Hi Mara,
    Thanks for visiting. I have two kitties and both are 20 this month. I don't know...must be something in the water. Thanks for your kind comment.

    Hi Vicky,
    So nice of you to have a look! I'm glad you found them enjoyable. I will pass on your Birthday wishes to Mr. M.

    Hello Tumblewords,
    Minnesota is called the land of 10,000 lakes, lots of water. I do agree that 20 is getting 'up there' for a kitty. I'm hoping both my kitties can stick around for a long time to come. Hopefully we will celebrate a few more birthdays with them. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Aw ... look at little Monty! Happy birthday, little kitty!

    Love all the 'M's! I didn't know they had so many waterfalls in Minnesnowta!

  6. what a Magic place to live... and Monty well he is just purrfect!!!!

  7. Hi Jay,
    Love it...Minnesnowta. LOL. Yes Minnesota is called 'Land of Lakes' lots of water falls along the rivers as well. Water Water everywhere....makes for lots of ice in the winter as well. Always happy to have you stop by!

    Hi Kate,
    I think it is a very nice place, beautiful area, which makes up some for the harsh winters. Thank you for your compliment regarding Monty....I may not share the 'perfect' part with him for he already has a pretty big head about himself. ;) I will give Monty your birthday wishes...he is curled up besides me on my blanket right now this morning. (laptop...sitting on the couch here as I type.) Nice having you visit!




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