Wednesday, October 14, 2009


When we hike I look for things I find interesting, or unusual. Mushrooms are something that fits the bill on both counts for me. There are so many odd looking ones that I just have to stop and photograph them. The idea is that I will do some research and find out more about them. The problem with that is that I just never seem to have the time to sit down and research all the things I would like to know more about.  However, the photos aren’t going anywhere so perhaps eventually I will actually get around to figuring all of these out along with the other that I have not posted here.

DSC06078 Blaine, MN


Odd MushroomsLake Louise State Park, MN

We decided the above are odd shaped Mushrooms of some sort, not totally sure so if you know please share! Thanks!


DSC05725 Lac Qui Parle State Park, MN

DSC05536 Big Stone Lake State Park, MN

The Mushroom above is a very large one. You can see a we rested a quarter on top of it to try and give an idea of the size. We were very careful not to damage it. We have seen much larger ones than this, unfortunately some people find great joy in destroying them as they walk passed. It is a shame because they get to a fantastic size if left to grow.


DSC05215 Monson State Park, Minnesota


 DSC05368Renaissance Festival, Shakopee, Minnesota


DSC01747 Itasca State Park, Minnesota

The ABC Wednesday letter of the week is ‘M’. ‘M’ is for Mushrooms and many other things. See more ‘M’s by clicking HERE!


  1. Beautiful - as long as you know which is which...

  2. Really interesting shots of mushrooms! What a variety! Great for the M day!

    Have a great day!


  3. WOW! What an assortment of mushrooms. We LOVE sauteed shrooms but always buy them as we know nada about which are edible and which are poisonous. Great shots! :D

  4. I love looking at mushrooms, there are so many types to be seen. You really got some nice ones in your pictures.

  5. Great shots! I love the orange one on the wood, and also the big one with the quarter balanced on top. We get those big ones too, and you're right, so many people seem to take delight in destroying them. Such a pity.

  6. Love all the varieties of mushrooms. The are each unique . Come see mine, I'll bet its a type you didn't photograph. (:0)

  7. Yes, very nice photos. But I'm unsure which are delicious and which are dangerous.

  8. A fascinating selection - they are beautiful and so interesting.

  9. Wow, that one you rested a quarter on is HUGE! I have never seen such a large mushroom...

    They are quite beautiful, I think. Great photos!




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