Friday, October 30, 2009

A Bear and His Friend


2009 10 11 089

Quenching his thirst in a pond he is face to face.


2009 10 11 082

So what is this big guy looking at now?

 2009 10 11 083

He was checking out his friend in the pond.

These photos were taken through a smeary sheet of protection, I’m not that brave!

Hop on over to James’s place ‘Weekend Reflections’ to see reflections from around the world.


  1. Excellent photos of the bear checking his fur in the water mirror. I like it! :)

  2. Nice shots of this tremendous animal...he is beautiful...and a great reflection too...

  3. That's wonderful reflections!

  4. And this is a cute post, looks like he's contemplating. :) Thanks for the visit.

  5. Hello there,
    Cute friend, you are so lucky to find a bear! :)
    Cool reflection!
    Happy weekend reflections,
    Bonjour Luxembourg

  6. What a handsome bear and great reflections too...

  7. Funny! a great idea for a reflection picture.And the bear is lovely (seen from here, of course!)

  8. Nice story. You wonder if the bear recognizes himself in the water.

  9. Wonderful pictures. The reflections are great.

  10. A bear reflection! I am wondering if he sees a fish or just himself? What a great find! Beautiful!

  11. Hi all,
    Thanks so much for visiting. I appreciate you dropping by!

    Not really sure what he was looking at I guess, but he didn't seem to be fishing.

    Thanks again for everyone's wonderful comments!

  12. These are 'Beary' Good....

    Mines is Here

  13. It must be disconcerting for animals to see their own reflection. It is lovely for us to see this because I dont get to see bears much here in Australia. I am so enjoying going through and seeing all the ideas that folk have for reflections. They are all so wonderfully varied.

  14. Great captures! I love this post!


  15. A narcissistic bear! How wonderful!

  16. Wow! He is so huge and cuddly! Maybe he is checking out how his reflection looks like.

    P.S. Yes, that's her name, an adopted cat who was abused and abandoned. My neighbor found her and she already has 3 and they couldn't get along. I used to post about her but now she is very camera shy!
    Thanks for asking and your comments, we call her for short Twylah. I might do some write up about her.

  17. Hope the bear likes what he sees in his reflection.

  18. Great pictures, through a protective barrier or not! He's handsome, isn't he?

  19. Love these. He looks like he's primping for the camera. Really nice reflections, and a great subject. Kathy

  20. Checking out his friend and wondering why he's getting wet in the process. :)
    Great reflection!

  21. Well you were just brave enough this turned out nicely great job!

  22. Hi again everyone,
    So great to read all of the comments. I really appreciate them, interesting to read indeed.

    Interesting thought about animals and their reflections. I know my Greyhounds have often been at odds with themselves over the hound looking back at them in the mirror. Often it is fun to watch them react, as not all of them do...and yet some of them have very strong reactions to the dog in the mirror.

    Thanks for visiting everyone!




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