Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Green Day

True Colors Thursday is a Green day!


Green leaves, now absent from my garden, were abundant a few weeks ago.


Greyhounds lounging in the Green grass outside will have to wait until the winter passes and spring comes again.


Though the Green leaves have left us there are still fuzzy Green rocks scattered around Beaver Creek Valley State Park, MN. Eventually even the Green mossy rocks will give way to a white coat of winter snow.


  1. It's nice to see all of the green, but even nicer to see your lovable greyhounds.

  2. oh i love your lounging pic you all look so comfy!!
    good green!!

  3. The lounging pups has to be my fav green picture, though the moss was good thinking.
    And, I did miss your contribution last week, so glad to see you back this.

    Best wishes

  4. Nice green pictures! The little bug (a bee perhaps?) on the flower is a nice touch.

    The lounging greyhounds look so sweet.

    Those mossy rocks are neat. It's been a long time since I've seen that.

  5. Those greyhounds are adorable and so content and happy. Your green is so nice...I like the pink flowers in the midst of all that green! Beautiful...

  6. you know what I'm going to say..... Gorgeously Greyt Greyhounds! They are lovely and don't worry the seasons will pass and the green will all return!!!

  7. I enjoy the colors of autumn on your blog and of course this picture of greyhounds... Where is the third cushion hiding? lol

  8. Hi James, doyle and mollie, and Don't Bug Me,
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the photos and the hounds. They do look pretty comfy, I agree.

    Hello Blue, Lucy, Carolyn and Kate!
    Great to see you here! Blue I enjoy the color Thursdays and appreciate being able to take part!
    So glad you all enjoyed the photos, we see a lot of moss in the lower lying areas we camp in, Minnesota is a pretty moist area in the summers due to so many bodies of water being around. Of course it has its dry prairie lands as well.

    Nice having you Therese!
    There is another dog cushion off to the right of the photo. On warmer days Scooter and Renner will often lay on the grass because the earth probably feels cooler to him. Renner does it sometimes too - elects the grass instead of a cushion for his bed.

    Thanks for coming by all and look forward to seeing you again!




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