Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Leaves and a Little Help

allhallowseveArt work by Kim Parkhurst.

First, I wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween weekend!

Now on to ‘Leaves and a Little Help’.

2009 10 31 Morning Leaves Dog turn out area changed practically over night from green to leaf dropping brown.

We have been having some very windy, rainy days lately which aids in Fall leaves falling. I love Fall, it is my favorite season. I think it rates high in my book due to the beautiful colors of the leaves as they paint the bright blue autumn sky and the crisp air, no longer hot and humid, but not yet cold enough to freeze your breath mid-air.

However, the beauty ends when, over a course of a day or two, the wind and rain undresses the trees and adorns the ground with a few inches of raking material.  We have quite a bit of land to cover around the house and I don’t particularly like to rake, especially on a windy day.

2009 10 31 Morning Deer Deer graze just outside our fence.

The local wildlife seem pretty happy with things even though the garden is in miserable shape now covered in leaves and taken down by evening frosts.

Of course that is outside and though it is a gray and rainy day outside there is a lot going on inside.

2009 10 31 Fidget up

Fidget is very busy doing what Fidget does….

2009 10 31Fidget swats

2009 10 31Fidget twisted I’ll let you figure this one out for yourself.

2009 10 31 Scooter with Fidgets head Photo of Scooter using my ‘Fidget’ editing tool.

Fidget can be very useful, as you can see. He did allow a few more photos of Greyhounds. So I will let him choose which ones to show you next.

2009 10 31 Scooter back of head Scooter

2009 10 31 Renner close upRenner

Fidget seems to favor the ‘predator lurking on prey’ mode where his victims are clueless to his presence.

2009 10 31 Scooter sleeps

Scooter doesn’t care and continues to do what Scooter does best.

2009 10 31 Renner snoozes

Renner just does not want to be a part of Fidget’s antics and is pretty good at hiding ‘in plain sight’.

So now with all the camera work said and done I begin to get to work on other things.

Of course Fidget is no slacker, he is there to help out.

2009 10 31 Fidged head side 

2009 10 31 Fidget close 

It is tiring though.

2009 10 31 Fidget face

Are we done yet?

2009 10 31 Fidget tired


Then of course…

2009 10 31 Fidge at computer 001   Fidget is also big on Quality Control.


  1. Awww ... that Halloween picture is adorable!!

    No wonder Fidget likes the hounds in 'unsuspecting prey' mode - he's a cat, after all!

  2. Excellent pictures. I like Fall too. The weather can't make up it's mind here. Sunny one day rain the next. 55 degrees yesterday 75F today.

  3. Yes, we have a ton of leaves too. I also love fall.

    Fidget is beautiful! I don't think I've seen a picture of him yet. Renner Scooter are as cute as ever! Great pics!

    Happy Halloween!


  4. Wonderful photos! We have had so much rain here, the fall colors were just a fleeting glimpse. I envy you!

    Those greyhound poses look familiar!

  5. Jay, James, Lucy, and houndstooth,
    Thanks for coming by, always great when you visit.

    Fidget is very much into 'the unsuspecting' act and does the 'strike and run' very well though the 'run' part sometimes ends in a lot of clanging and banging depending on what he bounces off to gain his speed.

    Hi James,
    I have always loved fall, but even more so in Minnesota due to the drastic changes that occur in the landscape between seasons..that and the temps. It has gotten to the point now where we are expecting 'white stuff' anytime now and seems to be more gloomy days than sunny ones right now. Everything brown and the attractiveness of fall has faded.

    Glad you think Fidget is beautiful amd are a good judge being such a beautiful girl yourself. I know Fidget quite fancies himself and never minds showing off to prove it.

    I will pass on the compliments to both Fidger and spite of the possibility of their rather large heads getting caught in the next door they try to pass through. ;)

    Hi Houndstooth,
    Good to see you here. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the photos. It is good to have the beautiful blue skies as a backdrop to the bright fall colors, but here in Minnesota they are very short lived. Probably why I enjoy them so much when they are here.
    Greyhounds...never get tired of that subject either!! :)

    Thanks again everyone!

  6. Aw, I love Fidget... he is so handsome! And yes, cats are excellent at computers. Mine are constantly vying for time in front of mine (or walking on it).




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