Saturday, October 10, 2009


2009 10 10 015

And to think we may be going camping yet one more time before we shut it down for the season.

Fall is a day by day thing in Minnesota to be sure. You just never know what you are going to open your eyes up to in the morning.

2009 10 10 006

I have to say this morning I’m feeling ‘Christmas’, a lot more than I was yesterday. I’d like to think it will be gone by noon. (Ahhh… optimism!)

2009 10 10 019

The garden has taken on a whole new look over night, going from green to white.

2009 10 10 020

Fidget meets snow!

Fidggie, being an inside kind of guy and only 6 months of age, (give or take), is checking out some snow brought in on bottom of my shoe.

2009 10 10 022

“Hummmm…very odd sort of ‘stuff’.”

2009 10 10 023

“Though it is rather tasty…”

2009 10 10 024

The snow gets his approval and he hunkers down to have at it until it is gone.

So glad he approves. There is a lot more where that came from and he will be able to enjoy it for months on end.

2009 10 10 005


  1. Wow, and we're just hoping for some rain!

  2. Crazy isn't it :-) We went out and made snow angles this morning and I got some good pictures of snow on the wildflowers down by the lake!

  3. Well - the snow fell...

  4. Good for Fidget - although its my guess if it gets really cold he'll be snuggled up with you away from the white stuff.

    Do you usually get snow this early there? What do the hounds think of it? Hippie couldn't work it out last year....

  5. Oh yeah, we got 10cm of that white stuff last week too. In the blink of an eye, I totally went from Fall feelings to a strange desire to go Christmas shopping.


    Luv Fidget's response to his first snow. Such a cutie!




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