Saturday, May 08, 2010


Yes, it did!  Just last night it, UGH…spritzed the frozen white stuff from the sky. Nope no photos of the ‘event’ as who wants to remember that in Minnesota it can snow in May. We now have freeze warnings out, yet another reminder that it is not safe to plant tender plants outside until Memorial Day weekend. (end of May).

The sun is out now and the snow is gone already, the ground being too warm for it to stick around. Minnesota is not only a beautiful place, but unpredictable as well.


  1. ACK!!! Snow...this late in the season. Better you than me my friend LOL :) Have a great weekend :) And Happy Mothers Day :)

  2. Sounds so much like us here in southern Oregon, on the eastern side of the Cascades. I think we're finally over the snow-spritzing weather, but we're not over the frost at night weather. Maybe by June; or not. One year we had frost every month of the year. I will get my tomato plants next week though, and hope my little popup greenhouse can protect them.

  3. Yegads! Sorry about the snow!

  4. I think Minnesota must be "predictably unpredictable!"




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