Thursday, May 06, 2010


 The skies over Moose Lake were windy and cloud laden for nearly the entire time we were there.

The morning we left Moose Lake the skies were still in quite a quandary in regards to how the day would be. However, as we pulled into Banning State Park in Minnesota a decision was made by Mother Nature. We were granted a sun filled hike along the Sandstone Quarry Trail.

There was much to see just along this trail at Banning. We did not go off on any of the spurs as we did not have enough time after spending a few hours on this particular one. The sights on this trail were extremely interesting as well as historical and as we walked we came upon this building.

What peaked my interest at first was that this building had a very large tree inside of it. Also the architecture, here was a window in a building now sans the roof, with a little round opening inside, just to the left of the tree. I don’t know what the opening was for, perhaps some sort of duct work?

This was a pink sandstone quarry that operated in the late 1800s. This building is the Power House that was built later in the quarry’s history and provided power just for the quarry itself.

The scorch marks upon the building were put there by forest fires rather than something happening within the power building itself. By 1905 the quarry ceased operation. 

One of the most interesting things about this area is how it was completely stripped of any vegetation by quarrying and how re-growth has brought back the beauty of what was once there before man destroyed it. Nature retaking its own in what seems, to me, to be a short amount of time considering the big picture.

What an amazing ability to heal itself the world has! Though the complexion is forever changed from what it once was before it was so abused, nature will endure if given half a chance.

Most importantly, it is up to all of us to give it at ‘least’ that.

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  1. I think Banning is one of my favorites, I love the old buildings out there.

  2. These shots are wonderful. I love finding and photographing old abandoned buildings that are being reclaimed by nature. I like this post a lot!

  3. great post and sounds like a really nice hike with some sights. Cool! I love the blue sky and the 2nd and 3rd pictures - great stuff :)

  4. The sky is so beautiful in those top photos. What a neat old building to come across! How interesting that nature is coming back and like you say healing itself. I love that trail in the last picture. It looks like such a peaceful and enjoyable place to walk.

  5. What a beautiful post my friend. The pictures are so wonderful and your description is wonderful. Isn't it amazing how Mother Nature can heal herself into such beauty? I so agree...we must learn :) The gulf oil spill gives reason to me that we haven't yet learned.

  6. Such a lovely post and such wonderful pictures! I do so agree with what Thom has written and I, too, am so discouraged with how little we have learned as we suffer from still another oil spill and yet the talk goes on regarding this type of drilling. Someday, someday, hopefully we will learn. Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. Great sky shots & the history is very interesting! I like seeing old places like that & learning the background! Very Cool post!

  8. Beautiful sequence of shot. Nature does have an amazing ability to reclaim what was stripped away given half the chance. I love the tree growing out of the house and the sky in the third shot looking up through the trees is so beautiful. Wonderful sequence.

  9. That looks like such a beautiful area! How lucky that you were able to go out and enjoy it!

  10. I agree with you - all nature needs is half a chance and it will spring back quite resiliently in most cases. Love the tree in the building!

    And also the beautiful dog!




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