Monday, May 03, 2010

Lemme – Face Of The Week #10


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  1. Oh my, what hypnotic eyes you have!
    Sunny :)

  2. Lemme isw a very cute kitty. Love the lighting on this shot, makes its fur glowing. Those eyes are so tantalizing.

  3. adorable!
    have fun with your meme!

  4. Very cute my friend. What a face that is :) Mine will be up later tonight:)

  5. Gorgeous portrait! I love Lemme's eyes and it's so cute his two white whiskers on the right side. This would be a neat Halloween picture too.

  6. I agree, the lighting is wonderful, and the eyes are mesmerizing!

  7. The linky is closed on Tuesday?

  8. ACK the link is closed....YIKES!!! Oh well, mine is HERE.

  9. What beautiful eyes - he/she looks a really cuddly cat.
    (Linky is closed so here's my link

  10. That's an amazing shot. I love those eyes.

  11. The link was closed earlier but I lay in wait - rather like Lemme with the deep amber eyes.
    Lemme has the same colour eyes as my Gran's cat from my childhood. She was called Scruff (the cat - not my Gran). I used to sleep on my Gran's couch when I visited. Some mornings Scruff would be wide awake sat on my chest. Waking up, the first thing I would see is Scruff's amber eyes barely a couple of inches from my face.

  12. Oh Michael, I thank you for returning to 'pounce' upon the link once it was reopened! So very sorry for the Linky playing tricks on us.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comment! Glad Lemme could bring back a little memory of a wonderful kitty of your past!

    Thanks so much to all for your patience and for the wonderful comments. As always, they make my day!

  13. i LOVE those eyes- beautiful cat! so sweet :)




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