Monday, May 17, 2010


 more scarlet daylilies cropped Daylilies in my garden.

Gathering around my birdfeeder you will find:

SONY DSC Cardinal

SONY DSC Purple Finch

SONY DSC Rose Breasted Grosbeak

SONY DSC Palliated Woodpecker


Red-bellied Woodpecker

For more ‘Ruby Tuesday’ photos click here.


  1. That daylilly is just beautiful. So are all the birds especially the woodpeckers. You sure do get a huge variety :) Awesome :)(

  2. Wow! Those photos are just beautiful! I felt like I could reach out and touch them!

  3. Very pretty and such nice photos!

  4. I am so jealous! My daylilies and Asiatic lilies are only a few inches tall - a long ways from bloom! Our daffodils are just finishing and tulips just starting.
    We don't get your woodpeckers either, nor do we get the rose-breasted grosbeak. We get evening grosbeak and black-headed grosbeak. We do, however, appreciate any of the birds we do get and we try to keep our jealousy to a minimum. With some success.

  5. What fabulous photos! Taking photos of wildlife is one of my favorite things to do when I'm at my mom's in the summer. Where I live, there's not so much to be seen. Wonderful close up shots. BTW, your dogs are so adorable.

  6. These are all simply gorgeous! I think I would love your backyard...the birds seem abundant and those day lilies are to die for! What a beautiful color that I am not sure I have seen before.

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  8. Very very nice Ruby Tuesday photos. The Grosbeak is my favorite!


  9. Gorgeous birds! They make the visitors to our bird feeders look positively dull (but they do repay close examination)

  10. Wow! the picture of the bird is so fantastic. It's a gorgeous one with beautiful colors.

  11. wow those woodpeckers are all beautiful! thanks for sharing :)

    u may view mine here

  12. Wow, you have such colourful birds near you! I've never seen a purple finch before, I don't think.

    And the daylily is beautiful. Are yours really out already?

  13. The reddest of Ruby red posts EVAH! Lovely -- I want to be in your garden.




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