Monday, May 31, 2010

Scheming Hen – Face Of The Week #14

 This lovely lady is a wild turkey that has been trying to figure out a good way to get into the coolness of my kitchen through the deck door. It has been *so* hot out lately she spent a couple of days staring inside just plotting and bugging the kitties, Lemme and Fidget. She comes right up to the screen door and looks right in. So far she has not been able to work a plan that gets her passed Lemme and Fidget.

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  1. That is a riot! I don't think she'd like it much if she did get inside with two cats and several greyhounds!

  2. She does look very determined and I'm sure she'd win any bouts with the cats!

  3. Nice turkey story. :)
    Hope you like the Tawny Owl from my sister's blog this week. (See the Debbie link on linky) She was so excited about discovering him roosting in the woods.

  4. OMG that is just too funny. What goes through their minds. LOL. Great photo. Happy Memorial Day. :)

  5. can you give her a little pool? hours of entertainment for the cats!

  6. I don't blame the poor turkey it's been hot here too. That's cool shot Sistertex I just hope the turkey is less brazen in November. :)

  7. lovely turkey photo,
    I posted my entry,
    hope that you have fun reading it...
    Happy Monday!

  8. Very brave bird! Planning to open that door on Thanksgiving? :)

  9. That turkey really has a sly look in her eye! A very interesting face!

  10. Funny that a turkey would want to come inside. I guess you have plenty of amusement with it hanging about.

  11. I'm glad the only thing that tries to sneak into my house are frogs. I wouldn't fancy chasing a turkey around the sofa.

  12. Brave turkey, bet it won't be around in November! Love your header. . .

  13. I saw a turkey right off the side of our deck for the first time this week. Very odd sighting up so close. Thankfully, we have it gated to keep the dogs contained since they are very little and don't know it!

  14. Hi, thanks so much for visiting us.we found your comments really encouraging and here we are again with our 'face'.
    That hen looks so overbearing...!has she succeeded in her venture yet?
    wags, buddy n ginger




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