Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wild Orchid


A Wild Orchid at Itasca State Park in Minnesota.

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  1. Lovely photo! I need some spring here! I'm tired of looking at snow!

  2. Excellent choice - a flower I'm never likely to see.

  3. What a beautiful flower, I love those colors. A little taste of spring is always welcome.

  4. Beautiful color orchid, and lighting.

  5. I've never seen one of thee. Very cool!

  6. Most unusual - lovely colours . . . but I really like your header - Mr Happy is nearly as tall as the dog who's taking him for a walk.

  7. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for the great comments on the Wild Orchid.

    Houndstooth and SquirrelQueen, I am really tired of the color 'white' right now and am thinking of posting more of spring, summer and fall in anticipation of the real thing! ;)

    Blue, Angie and Stine, glad I could show you something you'd otherwise probably not see. So happy you liked it, you too Icy BC, thanks so much for your comments.

    Jabblog, thank you, so glad you liked the photo. Also very happy (like Mr. Happy) that you liked the new banner, I keep trying new things there. The hound is a retired racing Greyhound named Ruby. Mr. Happy is my little (now 3 year old) Grandson...taken last summer. He might be a little bit tall by the time this summer rolls around and I take another photo of Ruby walking him. :)

    Thanks to everyone for visiting, I love to chat with you and appreciate all the comments, though recently I have been pretty terrible about commenting back!) Please keep them coming!

  8. I never knew orchid grew wild in the US. How interesting.

  9. wild orchids are the best, beautiful photo! your banner shot is also really really sweet!




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