Friday, February 12, 2010

Finding the Beauty

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA One of the things I find most beautiful are the soulful eyes of a retired racing Greyhound. Geterbug is no longer with us but she came to us blind and in her eyes, though sightless, her soul remained. What a lovely, lovely girl. She remains such a bright spot in my life though gone for many years.

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  1. I am new to your blog via Dipity Road. I am also new to participating in Finding Beauty:

    What a lovely post about a beautiful animal. Your words tug at my heart strings because I own a 13 year old cairn terrier. A dog is so much a part of your life that when they do pass it is truly like losing a part of yourself. To think anyone could harm animals, especially a dog who is man's best friend, makes me sick.

  2. I agree, greyhounds say everything with their eyes! Your girl was lovely! When we went to find a new grey after Treat passed away, it was Bunny's eyes that completely won me over!

  3. I bet she was just thrilled to be loved by you.

    Amazing how we all are blessed with animals in our lives and they by us.

    Thanks so much for sharing those beautiful eyes... just perfect!

    Happiest Valentines day!


  4. She sure is a lovely dog. I too have a dog, much smaller (a Yorkie), but one that too has taken my heart. Thanks for sharing this sweet post.

  5. The memories of our beloved family, friends, pets live on long after they've travelled on. Photographs have such an important part to play in helping us to remember the good times.

  6. What a beautiful girl your Geeterbug was! And I love this part 'in her eyes, though sightless, her soul remained'

    Just lovely!

    As you know, I completely agree with you about greyhound eyes, especially those belonging to the 'special' ones.

  7. I think Jay has said it all... the eyes have it!!!!




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