Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Synchronized Snoozing

The Island Cats are judging the Synchronized Snoozing competition for the Cat-O-Lympics.

We have two entries, the first for the kitties and the second for the ‘woofies’ category.

First the kitties:


The above is Fidget’s and Lemme’s entry.

This next photo would be the Hound’s entry. (Which was later banned due to the dangerous nature of the ‘double-decker’ form.)

Team members: Tyler, Shasta, and Roni with Vinni at point in the mixed teams event.


  1. I can't enter this one - my cats won't sleep together, since they apparently don't like each other much. Sisters!

  2. Love it--both of them. I think these are winners for sure!

  3. We could have this event at my house, but nobody is brave enough to try the double decker! You guys should win gold!

  4. How nice that your animals lay together - I wish mine did!!

  5. Wow! Great technique and form!! The judges are gonna have a tough time picking the gold medal winner!!

    Thanks for competing!

  6. Hahaha! Yes - dangerous indeed! I never know why they don't fall off when they do that. I mean, I know cats don't, but these are dogs we're talking about!

  7. LOL!I wish our housecats would synchronise their snoozing with mine. Their bouncing on my head all night does nothing for my daytime temper!

  8. these pictures are so cute, i love 'em! they both make me smile, good stuff!




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