Monday, April 26, 2010

Thumbs Up – Face Of The Week #9


These photos were taken at Macy’s 2010 Flower Show in Minneapolis, MN.

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  1. That is really cool. I like the way the yellow flowers looks like hair and the green looks like a beard.

    My picture is a shop window display. It's a strange shop with all sorts of weird stuff.

  2. Wow I've never seen anything like that. It's an awesome pictures. With James I like how the yellow flowers are his hair but I saw the pink flowers being his beard. Excellent :) Mine will be up later tonight :)

  3. This is one beautiful flower show! Just like the tournament of roses here in Pasadena.

    My thumbs up for this post!

    Enjoy your week!

  4. I love the bird on his thumb and hadn't noticed the effect of the yellow and green. I was trying to work out what was the 'thing' on the left of his nose (his left, that is). It looks rather like an animal foot!

  5. That is a rather fun. Love the thumb-bird. :)

  6. Wow, very unique artwork. What a face :)! Have a wonderful week.

  7. Great shot - looks like Easter Island statue buried in flowers!

  8. I'm not sure I'd want him in my garden, but wow! He's amazing, isn't he?




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