Monday, April 12, 2010

Farmer Ralphie – Face Of The Week #7


This week’s ‘Face of the Week’ is dedicated to my husband’s Father. Currently 88 years of age and unfortunately, last Friday had to be admitted to the cardiac ‘ICU’ with heart and lung problems. We have been with him everyday and just yesterday afternoon he seemed to be improving. This morning we got more good news, that he had a good night. Hopefully he will continue to improve and get back on his feet soon!  Dad, get well soon! We love you!!!

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  1. Oh, I do hope your father does improve and get back on his feet again soon! He looks such a kind man - and I love the pink shirt and the hat!

  2. Such a kind face too.
    I hope Ralphie keeps improving and is out of the hospital in no time!

  3. Thank you Jay and Lily H.!
    He is doing better today, well enough that they are going to try removing the breathing tube. I know that he will be absolutely thrilled to be off the ventilator. I was teasing him some yesterday evening and *do* believe once the tube is out and he is able to speak again he will have a *lot* to say. :) We are very happy with his progress thus far and hope it continues to be positive for him.

  4. That's great news! I love the picture with the corn and the hat. He seems like a really nice guy. My prayers are with him.

  5. aw, great shot! I love his hat :) Get better vibes sent his way!

  6. What a wonderful face to share this week. I hope that he gets better quickly my friend. Know I send you all my aloha and sunshine to you. Keep thinking positive my friend. He has such a fatherly face...just terrific. Glad he had a good night last night. Mine is linked but will not be up until 10 pm tonight HST :) Have a wonderful Monday :)

  7. Having a good rest is a sign of progress. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

    He looks good in his "cowboy" hat.

  8. I hope your father-in-law continues to improve and will soon be recovered enough to return home. Hospitals are necessary but there's no place like home.
    Love the photograph - and the hat is wonderful.

  9. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Sunny :)

  10. Hope your father is better and on the road to a complete recovery.





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