Monday, June 07, 2010

Soggy Weekend

All weekend it was doing a lot of this:

Today is Monday…everyone back to work and it looks like this:

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  1. Oh, I do so relate!!!! I think my joints are beginning to rust!! But you have captured both days perfectly! Terrific photos! Have a great week -- well, how about a dry one???


  2. glad that the sky is clear and blue today!
    beautiful comparison!

  3. Mother Nature has a sense of humor, doesn't she! The rainy weekend keeps everything so nice and green for the work week! HA! Enjoy the blue now!

  4. a different kind of Monday blues.:p

  5. That is life - and weather. you have got to take it as it comes :-)

  6. That is just typical, isn't it? Still, is it better to go to work in the sunshine or in the rain?

  7. Oh, how true that is! Mind, I love that first picture - the textures and colours are wonderful!

  8. That is just the way nature is. Raining one minute and sun shining the next. What a great blessing.

  9. We've had a lot of rain so far this spring too. I'm not ready for the heat and humidity, and rarely get tired of hearing thunderstorms roll in.

    Dropping by from Outdoor Wednesday, #3. If you haven't already registered for our vessel sink giveaway there's still time!


  10. Gotta love the quirky weather. I do not mind the rain, but I would prefer that it did so while I am stuck in my office during the week! I love the photo of the rain through the windshield.

    ~ Tracy




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