Monday, June 21, 2010

Renner & Scooter – Face of the Week #17

This is Renner!

Renner is one of my Retired Racing Greyhounds. His coloring is actually white with brindle ticking and he is 9 years old. Normally he doesn’t get to ride in the car while sticking his head out of the window. However, this is while we were the only car driving through the wild life refuge area and we were taking our time letting Scooter and Renner enjoy the sights out the windows.

This is Scooter!

Scooter is also a Retired Racing Greyhound  who is a 6 year old white and black boy. He is having problems with his right shoulder and we are supposed to keep his exercise minimal, so we drove though the refuge and kept the walks short and few in number. Renner and Scooter really seemed to enjoy getting to ride instead of walking. :)

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  1. Both gorgeous dogs! Scooter seems more serious - perhaps he's thinking or hoping for a rabbit or two though he won't be able to chase them. I hope his shoulder mends soon.

  2. They seem to be enjoying the view and scents.

  3. So cute and adorable! They are well-behaved too while enjoying the sights! We have a dog park just two blocks away and I wish we have a dog, but we have two cats.

  4. They are such beautiful dogs! Lovely photos of them so happy to be with the family on an outing.

  5. I love seeing pictures of your handsome boys! They are both so good-looking! They look pretty happy there. I'm guessing that X-Rays on Scooter came back with good news?

  6. These are two serious looking faces. Both beautiful.

  7. I don't blame them it is more relaxing to ride than walk hehe. Happy Monday!

    Face of the week~Father

  8. I love these two! They're really enjoying the scenery it seems. They seem to be really enjoying themselves!

  9. Great faces. Hope Scooter is ok. My first dog was a terror for sticking his head out of car windows - floppy ears streaming behind. Happy dogs.

  10. Hi all,
    Thank you so much for stopping by, so glad you liked the photos...Renner and Scooter said to thank for all the kind words. Really appreciate the comments and your visits.

    Thanks so much for asking about Scooter! He went through a few x-rays and even though the specialist had a look at two different sets it the diagnosis currently inconclusive.

    We are waiting and watching him for a little while and will have to take him in again for another set of x-rays in about a month.

    They feel he has tendonitis, in that shoulder, so he is on Deramaxx for that, but there was also a bit of a shadow up in his shoulder which the radiologist felt, due to the breed and age, could be bone cancer. So we are waiting it out here and hopefully in the next set of x-rays the area will not have progressed and will turn out to be due from inflammation cue to the tendonitis.

    He is eating well, doesn't cry in pain...just limps. Still bows and stretches, plays with toys and prances all around with excitement when going outside or for a short walk...or I come home. But we have restricted his running (no running), walks and going up and downstairs, hoping that this is just tendonitis and if the shoulder gets enough rest it will straighten out a bit. Praying for a *not cancer* verdict when all is said and done...that is for sure.

    Thanks again everyone!

  11. What beautiful faces they are! Nothing like going "bye-bye." LOL!
    I will be hoping for tendonitis too and am sending all of you my best wishes!

  12. Both dogs are absolutely gorgeous .. love the one of Renner at the top! And I've been thinking about Scooter. So sorry to hear there's still some doubt. I'm hoping and praying that it ISN'T cancer. Tendonitis is painful, for sure, but a much, much better diagnosis! Did you send the x-rays to Dr Couto?




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