Tuesday, March 03, 2009

We Are Loud Today!

Keegan and Ruby

Yes, Grandson + MeeMaw = Loud around our house. After chasing Bampa with a snake around the kitchen island for a while, then chasing Meemaw around the house with a snake, even Ruby for a while, it was time to put the snake (a long shoe horn) away and wave bye-bye to Bampa as he backed out of the garage and went to work. Scaring everyone brought him great joy. Ate cereal with blueberries, fed dogs,doggy dishes washed, doggies taken out 3 times, watched Big Bird and Elmo for a little bit on Sesame Street. We have built a sand tower in the garage out of the sand that is used to keep the doggies from slipping on the ice, advised Bampa that his pond is frozen and needs more water. Made the Robin 'flap flap' around the house and go sit back on its perch to sleep. Read 3 books twice, done puzzles, played with the Little People Airport. All doggies have been kissed more than once and informed 'WAKE UP', found the kitties, started the dishwasher. Played dodge ball, seal, bounce the ball, chase around the island, spin the ball on your finger, kick ball and roll around on the ball on your tummy (which I didn't participate in that one so much, hide and seek and it is not even 8:30 am yet. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring.


  1. Well at a guess - a good night's sleep for everyone - including the dog's of course!

  2. Kate, oh yes! And a 'to bed early evening' as well.




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