Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Just noticed strange movement across the room from me, looked up and Scooter seems to have quite the case of hick-ups, laying on his bed there. Seems pretty non-plused about it.


Speaking of Scooter, our vet visit on Saturday ended up showing that he is extremely hypothyroid. So we have started him on soloxine. Hoping now that perhaps it was the reason for his strange type of seizures. Disorientation is probably a better way to describe them.

Monty also did not do well.


I am working on a diet for him that will help him. Still have to get a urine sample in for Monty...I have to say, urine samples are much easier to get from a greyhound than a little kitty cat. But one way or another, I'll get that little jar under there, that is btw the easy part, catching him in the act is a little tougher and requires vigilance...following until finally going to the litter box...type of thing. It is always good to have a ‘mission’ for the day, no matter if it does require following around a cat with an empty baby food jar.

I’m on it like litter on paws!


  1. Ah Scooter is beautiful - send him a big hug from me!

    As for litter trays I am still dealing with Max and his tray. Daren't let him out until he's healed a bit more...... the way to catch him and get a sample is to keep him in a room without the tray and be waiting when he is eventually let loose. Its a a bit mindblowing of course but we try!

    Fusses to both of them - in fact all of your furry friends!!!

  2. Good luck with the urine sample! One of the first things I teach a 'new' dog is 'Go pee'. It helps, first to get them to empty last thing at night, and secondly to get urine samples.

    But you can't put a cat on a lead and expect them to perform for you, can you? I'm told a soup ladle is useful, but you might not fancy soup for a few days. ;)

  3. Thanks Kate, I will! I have tried it, and stayed in the room with Monty and he is a bit sneaky. Gets in the box and I get ready to put my little homemade device under him to catch the urine, sure enough he walks out..nothing. Then as soon as I turned my back and was messing with my device to catch the urine, he ran back in an let it go. So I quick stuck it under him and he stopped and got out. This is pretty much the way it has been going for a few days now. I think he's on to me. ;)

    Jay: A great idea...well not exactly a deep ladle, but I have some REALLY big serving spoons, I wonder if they would hold enough...provided I didn't end up spilling it all because they are shallow. Humm...yes may well put me off my soup for a while, or maybe I will just reserve it for future 'gatherings' and get a new spoon if it works. ;) Thanks!




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