Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ABC Wednesday – ‘I’

This is the first Instance that I have adhered to the ABC Wednesday rule and find this Interesting and even challenging to participate in. I Intend to do well but we shall see as this project Intensifies as we progress. First stop is the fountain out back that is now a heaving mountain of Ice, due to the Inhospitable temperatures of our Minnesota Winter.

Ice Fountain

Lovely isn’t it? And if this isn’t enough ice for you then I can also Introduce you to an Incredible Minnesota Tradition that is built during our Winter Carnival known as the Ice Palace.


Of course then you will want to see Inside this Interesting place where people have placed placed coins Into the walls.


The large block walls are Incandescent with color.


Our Itsy-bitsy fountain pales in comparison.


It may be Inferior to the Ice Palace, but it is Impeccably cared for and well loved.


  1. Beautiful post, I hope to attend an Ice Festival one of these days.


  2. That was lovely - and you have fairies in your garden too!!!

  3. I've heard of the Ice Festival, because I have a Depp friend who is a Minnesotan. Beautiful pictures.

    But that and your little fountain are totally different, and your fountain is probably beautiful too. I can't see it properly right now. It's all iced up. LOL!

  4. Kate (choulared), if you come some year...wear big socks under your boots and a warm winter coat! Big difference than New Mexico! ;) Thank you so much for stopping by!!

    Kate, and they are very cold this time of year, but stick around regardless.

    Hi Jay, It is the Winter Carnival and they actually don't build the Ice Palace every year. They used to put one up quite often, but it became too costly to continue it on a yearly basis. Now it is kind of willy nilly on when one will be erected for the festival.

    Interesting thing about our little fountain, It runs all year long. No matter the temps and how fridgid it gets it always manages a trickle, thus the ice mountain.

  5. Very interesting and I love the iridesence of your shots.

  6. What a great Ice Palace to behold.. something to look forward to when it arrives! Enjoyed your blog, thank you x

  7. Hi Neva, Thanks so much for stopping by. So glad you liked the photos, the ice palace is truly even more beautiful in person. It is also surrounded with astounding Ice Sculptures that are pretty fantastic as well.

    Hi Ramblings From Spain (x), I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. I agree with you, it is truly an exciting sight, but sadly no longer happens every year. Still the building of it creates quite the stir in these parts. I am so glad you enjoyed seeing the photos!

  8. I just read on another post that you are currently traveling in your RV and you commented about tire pressure. Best advice we received was to get the rig weighed at a truck stop and determine tire pressure from there.

    Hope to hear some about your travels.


  9. Hi Kate (cholulared)
    Thanks so much for mentioning that. My OH did indeed finally take it in to the truck weighing station and had it weighed. I'm sure I will be able to come up with something from this trip. I just saw the largest Cross on the side of the road I've ever seen. When I get some time and a decent connection, I will post the photo.
    Thanks again.




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