Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today In My Backyard

My Backyard - First Snowfall of the Season In Blaine, Minnesota. November 13, 2010.



The weather radar for the Twin Cities at 8:45 am this morning. Some snow for us I guess! First snow fall of the season. At the time of the video and radar map the temperature in my backyard was about 31 degrees Fahrenheit.

I believe the last prediction I saw before this post was 9 inches of snow by the time it is done.

This is a heavy, wet snow, due to the warmer temperatures and humidity.


  1. wow. So nice .. I Love snow.
    Enjoy your snow weekend!

  2. It is wonderful snow! We have already been outside a few hours to build a snowman, a fort, and tunnel and do some sliding :-)

    It is also perfect snowball snow!

  3. No, no, no! It is way too early for me to think about snow!

  4. It's beautiful, but. . . I never like snow before Thanksgiving, although we've had a few dustings already.

  5. snow! that's crazy stuff! but pretty! I was in southern MN about a month ago and was so happy it was unseasonably warm! :)

  6. Soooooo pretty, and what a gorgeous yard you have!! I'm envious of that, but not at ALL envious of the amount of snow and ice you guys have, or how long it lasts. I've heard stories about MN. LOL!




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