Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I’m Thinking…Pumpkin Pie!

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  1. I think he'll have enough left over for pumpkin pudding, pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread if he gets that one!

  2. Hi Sistertex,
    Wow those pumpkins are huge! Makes me hungry for pumpkin pie. :)
    I sure wish that we would get some snow here.

  3. those are huuuuugggee pumpkins! O.O

  4. Haahaha! Some pie, that would be. Does he realise how sick he'll be of the darned thing by the time it's finished? LOL!

  5. I'm a Tex-pat in Australia. I have been spending too much time correcting my Aussie friends' confusion this fall (your fall) on pumpkin pie and other things pumpkin. Over here, all squash is pumpkin (butternut pumpkin), so this spiced latte thing is freaking them out.

    We don't get large pumpkins like these. We are starting to get the ones for carving, but they don't celebrate Halloween much here, which falls in the spring. Sigh. I enjoy a good monster pumpkin photo.

    I also enjoy MN. I've seen more of Minneapolis since I emigrated than when I lived in the US. It's lovely. I have yet to get my Australian hubby up there. He thinks our subtropical winters are cold. Psh.




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