Saturday, January 02, 2010

Artistic Miniature Golf


Artistic Miniature Golf is today’s theme for Aileni’s Monochrome Weekly!

This was but one of the holes at a miniature golf course outside the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN.


  1. Fascinating picture. Can you imagine the sounds at night in a stiff breeze?

  2. That is pretty neat. I've never seen one like that but it looks great in black and white.

  3. What a fun shot. I love it. Happy New Year!

  4. Very special - do you mean that one is supposed to bang a ball into something so nice? I'm glad you got a photo of it beforehand. :-)

  5. Lol :) Funny idea - both for eyes and ears ;)

    Happy new year :)

  6. What a great shot. Very special.
    Happy New Year

  7. Oh, I love mini/crazy golf! When we were in Florida we were in heaven, with crazy golf on every strip!

    I have no idea how you'd play a ball that stopped in the middle of that lot, though! LOL!

  8. Hi awarewriter,
    You know, I never thought of how it might sound at night with a good breeze. I'm guessing it would a bit spooky. Glad you came to visit, I enjoy your comments.

    Thank you. Yes, I agree, not really the norm for mini-golf. The entire course was artfully designed and completely different than anything I'd seen before. Love your comments thanks so much for stopping by!

    Hi Carver,
    Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it. Happy New Year to you and yours too! So glad you dropped in for a visit! I so enjoy reading the comments.

    Hi there RuneE,
    Yes. The bottles are all plastic and were actually quite durable. I also think they replaced them when necessary. It was pretty strange to play through to be sure.
    Thanks so much for stopping by. I really enjoy your comments.

    Hello! Nice of you to visit and leave a comment. Thank you! Yes I agree it was certainly a fun treat for both the ears and the eyes. I do believe the artist accomplish what was intended quite well. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!

    Hi Riet,
    Happy New Year to you too! Thank you. Glad you stopped by and I appreciate you commenting, it is fun to read what you are thinking.

    To all,
    Have a great 2010! Thank you for coming to visit and leaving comments, I love reading them. Please come again!

  9. Wow! I love that picture! I can imagine sitting outside and staring at those bottles in the light for a long time.

  10. Cool pic, and a very odd miniaturegolfthing.

  11. Ha! Okay, that's one hole I would love to play! Happy New Year!

  12. What an interesting hole to play! What were the others like, I wonder. Wonderful eye-opener, both as a photograph and as a picturesque hole.

  13. I can't imagine how to play that hole! I makes a fine photo though, a true work of art.




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