Friday, May 12, 2006

The Code!

Raining and gray here today, cold too. Things are green and lilacs are in bloom. Birds flock to the feeder with lighter thoughts on their minds. Where is that blue sky and sunshine? Days like this make me so tired. I stall on doing so many tasks at first and then once I finally get motivated I really start moving on things....for a little while, until I stall again. I dare not sit down for I may fall into a deep slumber and not wake up until the dinner bell sounds. This maybe okay for me, but the dogs do not find it amusing. It is nice to be able to work at home, though not very motivating on some days. I do need to finish the book 'The DaVinci Code' before the movie comes out. I have been trying to read that for over a year and finally started about a month ago. I've not been able to get far in it because of my other work. This could be a great day to just immerse myself in it and not stop until I am done.

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