Saturday, April 15, 2006

Liquid IQ

You can tell it is just going to be one of those days when you can't have a cup of coffee in the morning because none of the electrical sockets work in your kitchen. So you end up carrying the coffee machine around the house trying to find a socket that works and end up making coffee in your closet. What is worse is that you are desperate enough for a cup to walk around trying all the sockets with the machine in one hand, mug in the other and brewing bag of coffee grounds clinched in your teeth. (harder to @#$%@ that way, but if you are a pro at despiration - you have some @#S%@ words you know work while carrying something in your mouth.) BTW I did find the lone my coffee. After the coffee and the head was clearer, I walked over to the socket with the ground fault, punched in the little button and wha-laaa - sockets worked again. That steaming mug of black stuff should be patented as an IQ booster.

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