Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter came and went without mishap fortunately. However, the Easter Bunny always forgets to leave something besides droppings out in the yard. Such as it is I guess, I make a mean batch of frozen peas and frozen potatoes. The evening ended with a hockey game...hey, it was free entertainment down at the local rink, can't beat that. Saturday before Easter, sadly, I found out that my Doggy has cancer and my four legged friend won't be with me much longer. She had Venison for Easter much as she could eat. Nothing much happened passed that, nor did it really matter. Spending time with my sweet furry friend is as much as I wanted to do at that point in time.

Today, Monday, was hectic and I am behind in so many things. Terry Bradshaw is currently on Jay Leno, man does that guy sweat, I am watching him constantly dab at the streaks of sweat running down his face with a tissue. He is currently holding up his old jock is from his last year in Pittsburg. Okay he signed it and gave it to Leno - so for all you Bradshaw fans - look for it on Ebay. :) As for thanks! Any guy who sweats like he does...I don't think I really want his old jock strap.

Back to work.

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