Monday, March 07, 2011

What’s Been Going On

A lot going on around here lately so I will fill you in. I haven’t been able to find time to do much blogging as I have taken on a new job that takes up quite a bit of my time. Also, we took a week to go visit my Mom for her 80th birthday!  Brought ‘little’ guy with us so she could spend some quality time with her Great Grand Baby, I just couldn’t think of a better birthday present than that.  It was a surprise. She didn’t know he was coming, but she was thrilled to see him!

While waiting to catch the plane to my Mother’s house there was a bit of horsing around.


Once we arrived and were waiting for the bags, Little Guy could not wait to share all his very cool things with his Great Gramma!  She was more than happy to check out his prized possessions.


One of the places we all went while there was Silver Springs. We got to see white alligators!


Uh-oh, don’t be messin’ with that Bampa…he’ll feed ya to the gators! Smile

They had a children’s festival going on that day called ‘Kidfietti’ where there was treasure hunting and…

Rock painting as well as just a TON of other activities going on for kids.


While there we had our driver taking us everywhere from Disney World to Mall of America and Target too!  He was a very careful driver and didn’t run into any volcanoes.  However, once when I was riding he parked in the middle of a bunch of alligators and snakes. I was afraid to get out!  So he decided to park somewhere else. Winking smile


Then there was the shopping for a sports hat at the local flea market!  Looking pretty good in that cap he found!



We also went to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World for one day. There he got a terrific pirate gun at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride to use over on Tom Sawyer’s Island where there was a Fort that needed defending from evil Clone War characters galore.  Such a lot to do!!! 

There was also swimming and general running around.  He made sure we were kept very busy.  He was quality control inspector when we were making Great Gramma’s birthday and helped eat it too!  Everyone seemed to have had a great time.

Renner: AND I didn’t get to go! Sad smile

Mandy: Nope WE didn’t get to go. Maybe next time we can come along.

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  1. What a great trip. I'm sure the little guy will have wonderful memories of this trip when he's older. You guys did so much and it's so obvious from the pictures how happy he is!

    Poor Renner & Mandy!

  2. What a fabulous trip! I am so glad you all had great fun! I can just imagine what a great present it was to see the not so little guy, too!

  3. It looks like you all had a wonderful time, grandchildren are special people.

  4. What a lovely surprise for your mother. It surely made her week and was the best present she could have had. I hope I've got as much energy and look as good when (if) I reach 80 :-)

  5. Oooh, looks like a bunch of fun!! Um ... Um .. (for Renner and Mandy) no... no fun at all. Really. Bor-ing.


    Are they still listening?


    I love the 'Men' picture! Sweet!

  6. Hi Y'all,

    How unfair! Makin' Renner and Mandy stay home! My Humans talk about unfair stuff like leavin' me behind, but so far it's only been for a day.

    I've got to keep this entry from my Human so she doesn't get any ideas of going off without me!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog




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