Friday, January 07, 2011

Cider Press and Then Some

Monochrome Apple Orchard Cider Press

For more please click to visit Dragonstar's “The weekend in Black and White”.


  1. Great atmosphere. I like the cider press and also the shelves filled with jars and such. Lots going on.

  2. A very interesting piece of culture - I hope it survives.

  3. Oh wow! Black and white totally suits that photo! It's such a great shot!

  4. I agree with Carver - great atmosphere. So much detail, too. It looks so old-fashioned, but like a working store just the same.

  5. Very quaint and an excellent shot.

  6. what!? I love this in black and white, awesome!

  7. Perfect shot of the cider press! This lends well to black and white!

  8. great choice for a black and white!

  9. Like the others say, this looks great in black & white. It gives it an even more old-fashioned feel. I love the kettle with the chips!

  10. Very nice. Looks like an old time photo.

  11. Wow! My Humans go to a restaurant that looks like that inside and out!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. Thanks for dropping by our blog and for leaving the wonderful note and for putting the Luke's button on your blog.

    It's also nice to see Greyhounds living with cats. One day I would like to rescue on but was a little unsure about how they'd be with my kitties!

  13. Thanks so much to everyone for their kind comments and for dropping by to chat. Seems there is just not enough time in the day to get around to all the wonderful sites I like to anymore and spend some time there. I miss that a lot and am trying to do better!

    Scout 'n Freyja -
    Wonderful comment and I am so very glad you came by. Your efforts are marvelous and I am so very sad for you losing Luke, what a sweetheart, God speed!

    I also am going to get wordy here - I want to address Greyhounds living with kitties, which you brought up!

    I organized a rescue group 'GPA-Minnesota' which is a chapter of the national GPA. (Greyhound Pets of America). It is a rescue for retired racing greyhounds. I ran it for about 10 years and now have stood down a bit, volunteering still, after training others. All that said, I wanted to give a reference so you would know that my experience with the greyhounds is pretty solid.

    Greyhounds and cats live quite well together. 75% coming off the track are able to live with kitties. I have had 20 actually live with me and 5 cats at a time with no problems. We would normally have 8 or 9 greyhounds living with us at a time (ghs) while our (3 to 5) cats roamed around them quite freely, slept with them and so on.

    Reputable rescue and adoption groups have the hounds coming off the track live in foster homes (many with kitties) and cat test them to see if they are ok with cats, trainable to live with cats, or have a high prey drive. Only about 25 percent end up being high prey and unable to live with small animals (of course that includes small dogs and kitties).

    Like any other dog (any breed) you add to your household, greyhounds need to understand the 'no kitty' rule, which is just having an understanding that a smaller animal is part of the pack and to be respected as such. This is not a hard thing for most greyhounds to learn and many never even seem to even consider hurting a cat. This is of course *inside the house*. Once outside most *any dog...any breed*' will chase something...greyhounds are just faster at catching things due to their speed.

    I always work with my greyhounds, especially for the first few months, to ensure I can trust them with my smaller animals. However, a gh with a *high prey drive* needs to live in a home where they do not have other smaller animals (and again that is around only 25% of them). Not all Greyhounds have a high prey drive!

    I thank you for bringing this up because these beautiful hounds have a lot of misconceptions surrounding them and whenever I am given an opening to talk about one of them, I take it! :)

    My best wishes go out to everyone and I do hope you will visit with me often!!




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