Saturday, December 11, 2010

Half Way Through The Storm…

and things seem to be worsening somewhat. We decided to do a pass at things because people were coming over. Yes we Minnesotans are die-hards and don’t let too much stop us, ok perhaps slow us down a bit, but rarely *stop* us.  While Mr. Spacial ran the snow blower I was shoveling (and taking a couple of pictures because I am obsessive when it comes to photos). We have a pretty long, wide drive way at our house so it it takes a while to do it all.  My hands got cold from taking photos so I went inside and put mittens *under* my mittens, then was good to go  and got back to shoveling.

YES I did shovel out Renner’s potty area as much as I could. Made sure the gates opened and so on. Later we will take the snow blower back there and run it around a bit to make more room for him.

I also shoveled the garage aprons,walks and porch *3* times before I went in, here are photos of our front porch.

I was too tired to shovel it for a fourth time and I am sure it is much worse again by now.

Not the worst snow storm we have ever seen but the worst one we’ve had for sometime.

We will be out again tomorrow when the snow stops (hopefully it will be done by then)!


  1. I hate to say this but better you then me. I love the decorations and I'm glad that Renner's potty area got cleaned up. :) I heard again on CNN that Delta cancelled all their flights there. It must be a total mess.

  2. You are hearty souls! I'd definitely pass on the next round of shoveling until the snow stops falling, too! We're supposed to get a blizzard here tonight, but so far our luck's held out.

  3. I hope you are all warm and cozy inside today. It sounds like a big mess there.

  4. I heard this morning that the roof on the Vikings stadium fell in and then saw a picture - must have been a really impressive snowfall! I'll have to check out the weather channel. Here we're having rain - so very unusual for us this time of year.

  5. Well of COURSE you shovelled Mr Renner's potty area. You can't expect a greyhound to wade through all that, can you? Unless, of course, he wants to play awhile, then he will, if he wants, but ONLY if he wants. LOL!




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