Monday, September 20, 2010

Lift Bridge

We were in Duluth, Minnesota a couple of weeks back, as you can see  by clicking here. Thought I would go on a little be more about it and show you a little video I took of a barge passing under the lift bridge.

The lift portion of the bridge goes up and down depending on the size of the vessel needing to pass under it.

These particular videos are of a large barge passing under. (They say Moose Lake but that was just the name on the file I uploaded them from…it *is* Duluth.)



  1. I love both of these videos. That is like, and I think I've said it before here, the locks in Seattle. Only they raise and lower the water to get the boats from the lake into Puget Sound and vice versa. It's an awesome sight just like this. What I like and if I'm hearing this right is they are explaining what is going on over the loud speaker. They don't do that at the locks. This is fascinating to see and thanks so much for sharing it. Have a wonderful Tuesday :)

  2. Wow! That's pretty cool! I'd love to see some of the places you go in person!

  3. That barge is HUGE!! And look at the speed it's going? I wouldn't want to be in a rowing boat in front of that thing!

  4. Neat vidoes! Thanks for sharing. I'm with the little guy who wanted to go to the candy shop. :)

    That is so cute about Lemme dragging his beloved blanket with him. Smart!

  5. My grandchildren would love seeing that in person.




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